Dentastix wuxuu u dabaaldegaa daryeelka shuruud la'aanta ah ee eeyaha Ololaha Xayeysiiska Cusub

Dentastix, the oral care treats for dogs, has launched a new ad campaign highlighting the unwavering care that dogs have for their owners. The campaign, created by Colenso BBDO and directed by FINCH’s The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide, depicts the impact that dogs have on their owners’ lives and emphasizes the need for owners to take care of their dogs’ teeth in return.

The ads, in both 30-second and 15-second formats, delve into the inner thoughts of a family whose lives have been transformed by their dog. The spots position Dentastix as an essential part of a dental care routine to show gratitude towards dogs for everything they do. Additionally, the campaign includes 10-second reminders to encourage owners to prioritize the dental health of their furry companions.

According to Claudia Hatherill, senior brand manager at Mars, the campaign celebrates the special bond between dogs and their owners. It serves as a playful reminder of how much dogs care for their owners and highlights the simple act of taking care of their teeth as a way to repay them.

Si Vicars, Chief Creative Officer at Colenso BBDO, emphasizes the positive impact that dogs have on people’s lives, whether it’s through increased activity or providing companionship. He states that dogs rescue us from ourselves, and it’s only fair that we help them care for their teeth.

The Dentastix ad campaign effectively captures the emotional connection between dogs and their owners, encouraging pet parents to prioritize their dogs’ oral health as a way of reciprocating the love and care that dogs offer unconditionally.

– Dentastix Ad Campaign by Colenso BBDO
– Claudia Hatherill, Senior Brand Manager at Mars
– Si Vicars, Chief Creative Officer at Colenso BBDO